Seven Years since the Battle of Fallujah

I guess I have been quite negligent in this blog.

Here I am on the 7th anniversary of being in the Battle for Fallujah.
My view of life is different.
It has been tough.
It has been wonderful.
It has been a long journey.
Since I last posted, much has happened. June 2011, I was elected the State Chaplain of the VFW for Florida.
This past weekend I went to the Fall Meeting in West Palm Beach.

What I realized is that the Veterans of Foreign Wars must someday close their doors. This will only be accomplished if we don’t participate in any more wars overseas. I truly do desire for World Peace. WE MUST BE PEACEFUL first in our own families.
Can you imagine the joy if 100 years from now we would no longer need an association of war veterans? It would be a celebration.
No more Tears!
This is my dream and hope.
Just imagine!
Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron

Imagine World Peace

5 thoughts on “Seven Years since the Battle of Fallujah

  1. I am reminded so many times of John Lennon singing, ” Imagine All the People”. How spirit filled he, and The Beatle’s became. How the entire group was ahead of their time in words sung and said. As if, they had visions….. With tears, I remember his death. Let us Sing! Sing loud, sing clearly and dance for joy, as one day we can IMAGINE!
    Imagine All the People, holding hands, one by one loving. Peacefully. They sang of the Holy Spirit and of a time to come!
    Eve of All Saint’s Day. I will sing my heart out at noon November, 1, 2011.

    I trust in You, Jesus!

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