Let US give Thanks!

Let us give thanks!

Sometimes giving thanks is the best gift we can give to ourselves. When we give thanks, we tend to get a better conviction of our own values and beliefs. Giving thanks is a way of affirming the good that others do. When we say, “Thanks!” we are informing someone else and ourselves that we want to strive to imitate another’s goodness.

Lest we be naïve, sometimes evil distorts the “thanks” especially when it is for selfish motives or to get something out of the thanks giving. For instance, I might say, “Thanks for your service!” to a military person because I am benefiting from the war in that I own or manage a weapons factory. Surely it isn’t ‘black and white’. Unfortunately, in our global economy, we all profit from war. If my church or restaurant is in a location near a military base, I most likely will be better off financially from a war or rise in conflict.

So I give thanks for the ability to think about these things. If a couple divorces, the economy benefits from the tragedy when they have to have two domiciles. What I need to do is live more simply so others can simply live. I desire to empty myself through giving thanks constantly, and then realize that I am filled up from God within me. The more love, joy and peace I give, the more love, joy and peace I seem to have. How is that for Good News?

Instead of turkey for this Thanksgiving, I am going to eat the Lamb of God. Jesus’ way is considered the foolish way. And so if I follow Jesus, then I am a fool for Christ or maybe even “a turkey for Christ!” I give thanks every day for the Lamb of God on my table. They say we are what we eat. Let us feast not on turkeys, but on the Lamb of God!

From a commentary on the Song of Songs by Saint Gregory of Nyssa, bishop:

Where do you pasture your sheep, O Good Shepherd, you who carry on your shoulders the whole flock? For it is but one sheep, this entire human race whom you lift onto your shoulders. Show me the place where there are green pastures, let me know restful waters, lead me out to nourishing grass and call me by name so that I can hear your voice, for I am your own sheep. And through that voice calling me, give me eternal life.
Tell me, you whom my soul loves. This is how I address you, because your true name is above all other names; it is unutterable and incomprehensible to all rational creatures. And so the name I use for you is simply the statement of my soul’s love for you, and this is an apt name for making your goodness known. Very dark through I am, how could I not love you who so loved me, that your laid down your life for the sheep you tend? No greater love can be conceived than this, that you should purchase my salvation at the cost of your life.

Thank You Jesus, for being the food on my table this Thanksgiving!

Thank you, Catholic Stewards of Creation, for allowing me to be part this wonderful ministry. A true steward cannot exist without gratitude.

“The heavens are telling the glory of God,
and all creation is shouting for joy!
Come dance in the forest,
come play in the field
And sing, sing to the glory of the Lord!”
(from the Canticle of the Sun by Marty Haugen)

Let us give thanks!
Have a most blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving

Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron Moses Camarda +

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