HOLY, HOLY, HOLY: Enter into Holy Week!

Geranium Birth

Breathe in…
Breathe out…

I remember as a young boy practicing to serve at the Masses for Holy Week. It was a time to be in the present. I loved Holy Week. It was as if the whole world stopped. I didn’t really understand what was going on. The mystery of the whole week was exhilarating.

I have been reading all the stories about people who get real live bunnies for Easter. Once Easter is over, they want to return the bunny when they realize how much patience and care is needed. Although we don’t always understand what Holy Week requires of us in the year to come, we can’t return our Holy Week.

Seeking the Holy

I have been part of Holy Week services for over 40 years. Each one is so unique and challenging. I usually write a poem on Holy Thursday evening as the night crashes into Good Friday. I found my journal from 1994 when I was in Fuji Japan in the field with the Grunt Marines. It snowed and rained on Passion Sunday and Holy Week seemed quite unholy. I was miserable. However, my soul rejoiced and we ended up celebrating Easter Sunday under the cross below Mount Fuji as the sun was rising.

Holy, holy, holy

Good Friday

I think I know why
I am so far from home
even though I feel at home
The same Cross
And the beautiful children of God.

Good Friday

Steve Gammon, a minister of the Congregational Church
a person of God
a holy man
We shared in the empty chapel
stripped of everything
yet Christ still present
We shared how we reluctantly but willingly
ended up here in the wilderness per say

Then out to the field with Kilo Company about noon
They have been out since Palm Sunday
when we read the Passion of Mark’s Gospel together
This time there were many more men as we proclaimed John’s
I could only watch in awe
as you Lord drew them with cords of love
You, O Loving Yahweh, called them home
I became your instrument
and you blew through me
your life, your love
We were moved ~
inspired by your Son
Mount Fuji was spectacular
as was the open field and warm gentle breeze
You taught us and showed us how to be a little bit more loving
Praise You!
You indeed pitch your tent among
I believe in You
Love Almighty
Creator of All
Breath of Life!

An evening service in the light of, and below the Cross
on which hung your Beloved Son

Forgive them

Who gave his life.
We heard the passion
Walked the Way of the Cross
And felt your loving embrace
We touched and knelt, kissed and bowed to your Cross
Jesus, you go a little further than we can and that is cool.

So here I sit after the service,
in the field with fifty or so in this chapel
with 25 or so and a rosary
It was this afternoon around three.
Once again you have shown your goodness and love and light upon me
Your majesty reaches to the ends of the earth,
even to the stones and trees
that seemed to praise you on my later afternoon run

I hear your words once again

“I have loved you with an everlasting love,
I have called you and you are mine.
I have loved you with an everlasting love
I have called you and you are mine.”
And I have burned in my heart at your presence.
Goodnight Holy Spirit
Goodnight Jesus.
Goodnight My Beloved!
Ron Moses +

God shines on us

May your Holy Week be the Best Ever.
May your heart rejoice in Our Beloved God of All Creation.

Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron +

Here comes the Joy!

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