God is my “i-am-phone”

October 7, 2012

O Beloved God
Thank you!
Thank you for my life and family and so many gifts
from sight to insight

Birth of a Day

Marvelous to me is you wonder and awe
Even the darkness and persecutions are gifts
My limitations give way to limitlessness
I have a mom in heaven
My step-mom is my mom on earth
And I have a mother who is the Queen of the Universe

Rose of Rosary

You give me your Body and Blood! Your very Sacred Heart
You are my Father, my Friend, and my Beloved
You give me soul and soul-mate for the journey
You give me education and a critical thinking mind
You shower me with friends.

Friends in abundance

My earthly father called me this morning; he wished me a happy birthday…
and happy it is

…in your name I ask on this birth day, a gift from You
Allow his last years to be clearer of mind…and allow him to sing more
You say to ask and we will receive
You, O Beloved give me everything and abundance
Jesus, O Jesus…I love you
You love my dad and Momma Nancy more than I could ever imagine
Healer of my soul
Healer of my heart
Thank You for this day and 53 years of me!
So many people are so kind to me and rejoice in my life…
For they must see You in me in my limitedness

God is Good!

O the mystery of human encounter
O Mother Mary
Thank you for loving me
And allowing me to be born on your feast of the Holy Rosary
May I reflect on the sacred mysteries of joy, light, sorrow and glory
Roses of Love! Roses of Love!

God is truly like a smart phone. God is always there, even if we don’t recognize God-self. We can call on God anytime we want, and God will answer. We have not always listened, but God truly is the God with us. God is the great “I Am”…and so God is truly the really smart and wise “i-am-phone”. Maybe we should give God a “call” this week. Or better yet, answer the phone or text message when God calls. Please don’t text and drive.

Love, joy, peace,
Father Ron Moses +

Come Light of the World!

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