Fading Beauty

The tree is not dead

Spectacular colors peaked today in the Land of Mary
Explosion of yellows, reds, browns and greens
What a show of fire reflected in the soul of God—
The Harvest of Color and Joy most abundant
But the witnesses are few
Behold I bring Good News of Great Joy!
Must have been like this day of sun and splash of beauty
But it will not last
It is at the end of the last season—
Between the Fall and the Cold of Winter
The Beauty fades, falls from heights
I am in love with Fall again, but like the first time.
I have missed this while exiled in Fallujah
We human beings, who often lack being
Born in a cycle of light
Vulnerable and beautiful
We grow strong and taller and swifter
And then we start fading in a cyclical flow
Yet toward the end of our years of breathing
Our depression and joys swing to and fro
And like our brother and sister trees
We too exude colorful, if not brilliant radiant
And then it disappears and hides
Stripped like the great oaks and maples
barren and lifeless from observant eyes
But wait!
Another Season
Another Spring
Gorgeous green leaves among puny perennial flowers
Yes, flowers are really beautiful, but nothing compared
To the glory of the Fading Beauty of Fall!!!

Fading Beauty

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