Snow Falling on Snow

Water, Cold, Trees, Beauty

Water, Cold, Trees, Beauty

O Jesus, where are you?
Snow falling on snow
spring snow that penetrates my bones
Frozen Beauty Melting

Frozen Beauty Melting

So beautiful, and yet so painful
I am restless
agitated in the silence
difficult to breathe in my soul
Falling like the snowflakes descending
on a spring morning
only to melt away…in an hour, day, week at most
Swirling, not dancing…on the cusp of rain drops
panic of life known
short lived
But in the life of a snowflake
Time is only the moment
White and light
Structure architecturally stunning
unnoticed by even other snowflakes
By myself…even more done into foolish vanity
succumbing to sudden beauty evaporated…
I am a snow flake…only…alone…
Frozen in thought

Frozen in thought



He is not here anymore...Alleluia!

He is not here anymore…Alleluia!

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