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An attitude

A mystery

Desperately digging deep down beyond resistance and sabotage

Soul is a place seldom fathomed deep in the dark, trenches and cold

Only black rain and pain visible at first

And fear touched, tasted and taunted by

more real, too real than we can speak of… pray of… scream of…


Seek beyond

Borrowed energy of forced path into intense terror and unjust wars

projecting self through thorny brush, chaotic trees, rocky obstacles

desiring to fly stealthily like a hawk in pursuit of prey

feathering, tripping, panting, sweating, maneuvering… pursued!

giving up almost

crawling up to evaporate


But keep going self talk… slightly beyond gibberish babble in Babel Empire

Take in all dimensions

Solely alone – suddenly stopped – stalked!

Breathing arrested

Pounding heart slowing

Eyes opening like slow ascending elevators

Spirit and skin stripped, melting into the desolate land littered

with bones and residual hostile emotions

Tears wrung out of mops heroically swabbed to clear the

bloody fluid leftovers

from amputations and desperate incisions of bodies, hearts and souls

Lifting, lifted, rising

Beyond the dew, grief, hostility, terror, isolation and stifling silence

Weak hope still present like faint pulse

peace still perceived, but shrinking

joy not withstanding… not!