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I am Pastoral Counselor & Spiritual Souljourner, Past VFW State Chaplain, and Priest of the Diocese of St. Augustine for the past 25 years. My book Tear in the Desert is about my experiences in the Iraq war, especially my time as a Chaplain with the Marines during the Battle of Fallujah (2004). This is  a spiritual journey.

At the moment, I am stuck in the dark night of the soul… joyfully! My second book is slowly coming about: SOULITUDE: Tear in my soul.

Today, I am renewing my blog. It is time.


17 thoughts on “About me

  1. Father Ron,
    I had the privelege to hear you deliver a homily last Spring at the children’s mass at Holy Spirit. You touched my life that day, brought me closer to God, and helped solidify my decision to convert. I thank you for all that you do – and especially for your ministry to the Military. My husband was in the first Gulf War; we watched your interview on a Journey Home together – what a profound impact you had on him as well.
    I am thrilled to hear that your book will be made into a movie – what a blessing this will be to so many!

    Thank you again Father Ron.

    With much gratitude,


    • O Patricia!

      How wonderful to be alive in God’s wonderful world…tears and all! Thank you for your comments and joy of Holy Family. Pray for me that I may be able to celebrate Mass with you again. Father Ananda is amazing and a wonderful friend. I miss you all. I think I am realizing that God is asking me to be more involved with the military in my retired reserve status.
      Love, joy, peace,
      Father Ron

  2. Father Ron, I just found you on facebook. I first met you at Our Lady of Consolation Catholic Church. The last time you were there you talked about being in Iraq. When you told about the spirit not always leaving the body as soon as the person dies I had chills all over. You are truly blessed with a spiritual gift from God. As you might know Father Ralph is retiring June 30 of this year. I will miss him very much. I hope you visit our church again soon. I love you. Peace and Love, Jackie

  3. My Dearest Father Ron,

    The Priest, who in 15 minutes touched my life with more love and spirit, than any other Priest in my life.

    My children will always be blessed because of you. My mourning and grief will never completely stop but has slowed to a place of peace.
    Peace in the Garden. I am blessed with three angels in Heaven! Looking after my family on earth. How fortunate, a mother, my gift from God. Three girls Therese (of the little flower), Angeline and Rose and two living , thriving boys, Michael and Matthew. Michael who received divine blessings and help through the Angels suffering no longer, and Matt, a mental health counselor to emotionally disturbed children.
    Of recent, many friends have given the book of St. Therese of the little flower to me and there have been other ways in which this Saint has come into my life. She is ever present.
    God be with you in all your many endeavours.
    Love through Christ,

  4. Father Ron,

    I was honored to have been in the congregation of one of your masses a few weeks ago and then again yesterday, May 18, 2013, at St. John Roman Catholic Church in Columbia Maryland. I just loved the feeling you brought to me at theese two masses and I related to your sharing the loss of your friend Elvira as I went through the same thing with my mom. Watching her die was so hard and different than the other deaths I have had in my life. I know the pain you felt. My brother and I took care of our dying mom for three months.

    I wanted to find out more about you and watched your interview from 2009 on EWTN (another one of my favorite shows) “Life on the Rock”. So by doing this I found out about your book “Tear in the Desert”. I would love to get an autograph copy for my brother who was a Viet Nam Vet (101st. Airborne, Black Widow). He signed up for 2 years there and after he spent his working years with the VFW fighting on the Hill for veterens benefits, etc.

    Sorry this is so long. Bottom line is : how can I get an autograph copy of your book for my brother?

    Thank you and I pray you come back again to our church so we can again share the love of God.

  5. Father Ron: I have read and re-read the article from the Jacksonville, FL Times-Union newspaper from 2005 in which you talked about Lt. Ed Iwan’s last moments on earth. Ed was from my home town of Albion, NE. We went to the same high school, even though he was two grades below me. I can’t speak for his classmates or even his parents, but knowing that Ed wasn’t alone and he knew that he was loved when he passed away is very comforting. So from a mother & mother-in-law of two soldiers, I’d like to say thank you and God bless.

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